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Annual Benefit Statements for Deferred Members are now available

Annual Benefit Statements for deferred members are now available on 'My Pension Online' (in ‘Member Documents’). The statement shows the current value of your deferred pension benefits as at 8 April 2024.

Pensions Increase is 6.7% this year from 8 April 2024

The Pensions Increase (Review) Order, which is issued each year by central government, tells all public sector pension schemes of the increase that should be applied to pension benefits. Further information can be found at All Members>Pensioners>Pension Increase.

Stop! Think Fraud

Visit the https://stopthinkfraud.campaign.gov.uk/ website for some great information about how to keep yourself safe from fraudsters.

Midlife MOT

Have you tried the online Midlife MOT provided by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)? It’s designed to help you think about work, health and money; visit https://jobhelp.campaign.gov.uk/midlifemot/home-page for further information.

McCloud Judgement

The Court of Appeal ruled in 2018 that protections introduced following public service pension schemes reforms in 2014 and 2015 were unlawful due to age discrimination. Further details can be found on the McCloud Judgement page in All Members>McCloud Judgement.

Death Grant Nomination

As a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), you can nominate who or where you would like your death grant to be paid. Add or update your nomination details in ‘My Pension Online’ or complete the Lump Sum Death Grant Nomination form in Forms/Guides.

Online Pension Record

Don’t forget to use ‘My Pension Online’ to update your personal details, check your Annual Benefit Statement and do your own quotes, when you like and as often as you like. Register now if you haven’t already, visit the ‘My Pension Online’ page for details.

My Pension Online

View and update your personal details and do your own pension quotes

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